Kidchamp MagiCube - The Best Kid’s Study Table in Singapore


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Kidchamp MagiCube - The Best Study Table for Children

Kidchamp MagiCube ergonomic kids’ desk - Limited Time Offer in Singapore.

The ultimate ergonomic kid’s study desk which is designed to grow with your child. We understand the importance of good posture at a young age. Our stylish ergonomic study table for children creates a perfect and comfortable study environment in your Singapore home for effective learning.

MagiCube Ergonomic Study Table for Children:

  • Precision height adjustable desk (52-76cm)
  • Scratch resistant surface. Draw with water markers, wipe off with cloth
  • Reading rack for tablets, book holder
  • Tiltable desk with gas lift (0°-50°) for writing, reading, drawing
  • Sliding drawer for stationery
  • Plenty of storages & left/right side hooks for bags
  • Left/right crank handle for height adjustment
  • Levelers at 4 table legs for uneven floors


Our ergonomic children study table offers precision adjustment.

A study companion which can grow with your child as your child grows taller. Here at Kidchamp, we understand the role of quality kids’ study desk in fostering good postural habits in kids, which is why we have invested much of our time to create an affordable study desk for your kids.


Protect Your Kids’ Back With The Best Kids’ Desk in Singapore

With the suitable desk setup and the ideal chair backrest maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, it's proven to boost your children’s concentration levels and increase their overall performances.

The Children’s Desk That Inspires Creativity

Every Singaporean student deserves a designated space for studying. Our open-style study table allows children to develop their own ideas while cultivating good storage habits. Plus, it also lets the kids practise independent learning.

At such a young age, our children’s immune systems are still developing. Therefore Kidchamp only uses eco-friendly materials to build our study tables, giving parents assurance that our products are safe for their kids.

The Benefits of an Ergonomic Kids Study Desk

Increased Productivity

With work and your children’s spinal health in mind during its design process, Kidchamp’s study table for kids can allow for a more productivity study session with less fidgeting since our high quality study table ensures ultimate comfort for your child. Say goodbye to unproductive afternoons at home – the bane of all Singaporean parents.

Better Spinal Health

Idiopathic Scoliosis is a type of scoliosis that causes the spine to develop an abnormal curve. This condition mostly occurs among growing children in Singapore going through puberty. Hence, it is highly important for us to prevent the development of it by protecting their spine with proper use of ergonomic furniture such as study table and chairs for their well-being.

Corrects bad posture

If your child constantly slouches or complains about backaches regularly, getting an ergonomic kids study desk might just provide them with the help they need. Our study tables allows for your child’s arms to rest perfectly on the tabletop, removing the need for them to bend their arms in awkward positions, which might lead them to slouch.

Additionally, the tiltable table top function can also be adjusted to your child’s preferred setting to reduce any possible strain on their necks. With such functions built in a study table, it will naturally remove the need for your child to readjust their posture and position frequently, leading in the improvement of their posture over time.

Choosing The Ideal Ergonomic Study Table for Children

There are several things to take note of when choosing the right study table for your kids in Singapore, let Kidchamp take you through the process of finding the perfect kids study desk.

Age Range

Ensure that the study desk chosen can accommodate to your child’s age range. Do not attempt to buy adult-sized furniture for your child when your kid is too young to fit comfortably. If your child has to strain their bodies to accommodate the furniture, it could potentially cause injuries to their spine or necks. Adjustable study tables like the ones at Kidchamp is a perfect choice since it can be adjusted to fit your kid’s height over their growing years. By choosing the right table, they will not have to sit in oversized study stations until they grow taller and they also will not grow out of their table and chairs in a short period of time.

Freedom of Movement

Blood circulation is important when sitting at a work table for an extended period of time. Choose a workstation table that allows for different postures for different activities such as reading and drawing for a more comfortable experience for your child.


Ergonomic study tables don’t come cheap, if you are going to splurge on one for your kids, you would definitely want it to be made with sturdy materials that can withstand wear and tear. A scratch resistant surface would be a plus point as well.


What does it mean if a furniture is ergonomic?

Ergonomic furniture are products that have been specially designed to provide comfort for safe usage that can reduces risk of musculoskeletal problems, joint pain, back aches, neck pain, arthritis and poor blood circulation. Ergonomic furniture are commonly used in the context of increasing work productivity by providing comfort and lessening pain.

Do children really need an ergonomic study table?

If your child has poor posture and gets distracted easily due to fidgeting, an ergonomic study table would be useful for them as it removes their need to move and switch postures unnecessarily. It can also provide them with a comfortable spot to study at.

Are ergonomic furniture worth it?

Although ergonomic furniture are usually placed at a higher price point than other furniture, it is important to understand the benefits you and your child will reap from investing in one. If an ergonomic study table is able to last your child through their childhood until their teen years due to its adjustable height function, the money would have been well-spent since there would be no need to replace the table in the span of about 10 years.

Are ergonomic tables safe for children?

Kidchamp’s kids study desk keeps your children safe by providing you with levelers at all 4 table legs that can ensure a comfortable experience for your child even on uneven floors. This way, you will never have to worry about your kid studying at an unstable desk.

Bundle set with Cres 2.0 ergonomic chair at special prices is available here.


- LED study lamp sold separately

Our ergonomic children’s study table and chair offer precision adjustment.

A study companion which can grow with your child as your child grows taller. We understand the importance of having a good posture in kids.

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