Why Buying A Kidchamp Chair For Your Child Is The Easiest Decision You’ll Ever Make

July 14, 2020

Why Buying A Kidchamp Chair For Your Child Is The Easiest Decision You’ll Ever Make

Author: Kidchamp Admin

As a parent, you want the very best for your child as they grow. You want them to learn well, study hard, and excel at everything they do. Today there are a lot of distractions for children. There are video games, computer games, smartphones, and tablets. Encouraging your child to sit at a study desk for any period can be difficult. Sometimes, children don't want to work at a desk, simply because the chair is hard and uncomfortable.

Watching your child work at a desk is eye-opening. Typically, they will be hunched over, have their head rolled forward, and their legs pulled underneath. Not only does sitting in this position create poor posture, but it can also lead to back pain and other health issues later in life. It can even impact visual acuity because the papers and books are not in the right position to avoid eye strain.

Children spend a lot of time sitting at a study desk doing homework, drawing, reading, and learning. A well-designed ergonomic chair protects them as they grow and ensures that their back is supported so their neck, shoulders, and hips are aligned.

When you head out to buy an ergonomic chair for your child, there are some things you ought to look for. You want a chair that is specifically designed for kids, provides excellent back support, can be easily adjusted as they grow, and will be comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. Don’t forget about durability and safety. Let us introduce to you Kidchamp Cres ergonomic chair which is engineered with thoughtful ergonomic features and extensive adjustments to suit your child unique sitting preferences.

Kidchamp chairs are designed solely for children that is of top quality, and one that will fit your décor. The Kidchamp Cres is the highest quality ergonomic chair on the market at an affordable price. The unique design combines advanced features, the latest ergonomic technology, and modern style.


Dual backrest

One of the most important components of an ergonomic chair is the backrest. Your child's lower back is concave in shape, so good lower back support should have a convex shape to mold into their lower back. When they sit back in the chair, their upper back must also be supported. The Kidchamp Cres ergonomic chair features a dual backrest design. It can be rotated to the left and right and flipped vertically providing the best possible lumbar spine support.

The height of the backrest can be adjusted as your child grows. Take a look at the product specifications for more details on height adjustment.


Chair seat design

If you want your child to spend time at their study desk, the ergonomic chair must be comfortable. Many chairs on the market have poorly designed seats that don’t allow for the proper outward tilt of the pelvis and do nothing to support the upper thighs.

The height and depth of the Kidchamp Cres chair seat are fully adjustable. As your child grows, adjusting the chair makes sure the back and hips are at a ninety-degree angle and the feet are flat on the floor. The saddle design keeps the thighs snugly against the seat, and the ten-centimeter thickness provides ultimate comfort.


Three proof fabric

The fabric used for the chair is three proof and easy to clean, which is important when it comes to children. Also, the fabric breathes well making the chair comfortable to hours of continual use.


Armrests and footrest

Armrests help to reduce tension in the upper body and allow the shoulders to relax. The armrests of this chair are adjustable so that your child’s elbows will be kept in alignment with their shoulders and the forearm flat reducing pressure on the shoulders.

Kids move their feet around while they are sitting and this places strain on the knees and hips. The Kidchamp Cres is equipped with a footrest to keep the knees and calves aligned. The footrest also keeps the feet flat taking pressure off the ankles and helping with good arch development.


Crescent-shaped base

Safety is a big concern when it comes to ergonomic furniture for children. Many of the chairs available on the market have a four-leg base design. Our chair has a large crescent-shaped base made of enhanced PA material with integrated design, reduce the risk of rollover crash with strong load capacity.


Self-braking Caster Lock

This chair is easy to move around smoothly. The castors have been selected to provide durability and safety. Sit down to self-lock and stand up to automatically unlock.


Protecting your child’s growth

Kids grow quickly. One day they’re at your knee, and then it’s not too long before they are looking you in the eye. By the age of eighteen, most children have reached their full height. Since children do so much growing in the early years, we need to offer them as much emotional and physical support as possible.

Kids who use a quality ergonomic chair are less likely to have back pain and related issues later in life. Being able to sit comfortably encourages your child to focus on what they are doing and to be able to work longer at their desk. All of this leads to better cognitive development and gives them the best possible start in life. That’s exactly what every parent wants

The Kidchamp Cres has all the features you need in a kid’s ergonomic chair. It looks great, and best of all, it gives your child the ultimate seating experience.

Making the right choice will do wonders for your kid's comfort and seating health.

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