Tips for Building Study Stamina

March 17, 2021

Tips for Building Study Stamina


We’ve all been there. Sitting in class with a private tutor, putting in an epic study session and then it happens - our eyes glaze over, and any of the information that’s presented to us from that point on is effectively “in one ear, and out the other”. It’s perhaps the worst thing to happen when learning in terms of information retention.

So how can we help our kids remain focused and attentive throughout the day at school and still have the capacity for homework time at home in the evening? There are quite a few great ways to help build study stamina with your child, and one important one is giving them the tools to have better productivity moving forward. Here are the very best tips to help them focus.

1. Start The Conversation

The very first step is to explain to them what being focused looks like. You can draw an example and then discuss things that might be negatively affecting their stamina and focus. It could be anything from not having enough energy to external factors like social media and the internet. 

Once you have a list of all the issues, you can then work with them to create a game plan that resolves them. The most important part of this step is to convince your child to work with you to eliminate distractions.

2. Use tangible evidence of progress

Visuals can make a difference with kids. As such, use a hanging whiteboard with their to-do list written on it to show them how much they have completed as time past, and you will find that they become more motivated to finish their work, which can help give them a stamina boost. Furthermore, they earn the right to cross off a task and give themselves a pat on the back every time they complete one. Hang the whiteboard up somewhere they can easily see, so it serves as a consistent reminder and driving force for them.

3. Teach Them How to Refocus

No matter how much we do, sometimes it’s impossible to maintain 100% focus for hours on end. Because of this, we need to teach our kids the steps to take when they find themselves going off the rails or losing focus.

To refocus, teach your child to take a few deep breaths through the nose and out through the mouth. Sometimes this simple movement can get them back on track, but if it does not work, they might need to walk away from their study desk for a little while to clock in some movement and shake off the restlessness. 

4. Use a Role Model

Every child has their favourite superhero, Disney princess or cartoon character. Take advantage of your child’s adoration for these characters and use them to encourage your child to stay focused while studying. When they feel restless and are about to give up in the middle of a study session, ask them: “Do you think Captain America gives up this easily?”. This method might just spark your child’s interest and allow him or her to regain focus again by using their favourite characters as role models. 

5. Create a Dedicated Space for Work

Not all desks and chairs are made the same. However, even the best chair and study table would be deemed useless if your kids do not have a dedicated space free from external distractions for them to study for an extended period of time.

Once you have gotten a study station all set up, complete the space with a fantasy desk mat sitting on top of an ergonomic study table designed especially for kids and a fully adjustable study chair that can stand through the test of time.

6. Impose Limits on Screen Time

Reducing the amount of time your children spend watching videos on their phone or laptop will not only limit the distractions social media is infamous for but also reduce the amount of strain on their eyes as well.

However, it is not a matter of how to stop them from being distracted for older kids as they might need to use their laptop to complete their homework, which might increase their chances of losing focus in the midst of studying. Take this opportunity to remind your child of the goal of the study session and the importance of staying focused and not procrastinating to reach their goal. 

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