Protect Your Child’s Growth With Ergonomic Furniture

May 30, 2020

Protect Your Child’s Growth With Ergonomic Furniture

Author: Maria Paton


Are you amazed at how fast your child grows? One day they’re at your knee and a few years later they're as tall as you. How your child grows is just as important as how they learn or how they play.

Other than having a ruler on the wall, do you pay attention to how your child grows? Helping them grow properly, now, will set them up for good health tomorrow.

So, how does your child grow? What can you do to help them grow properly?

You might be surprised to learn the average child grows about 6cm a year. The rate of growth increases when your child reaches the teenage years. By the time your child is 18 years, they will have reached their final height. Your child’s posture has a great deal to do with their growth and affect their future.

Why is your child’s posture so important?

Today, it is so easy for a child to develop poor posture. If you think about it, your child spends a lot of time sitting, up to almost 80% of their day. Most children have a habit of slouching in a chair and rolling their neck forward. You probably feel you are constantly telling your child, “Boy, sit up straight” “Girl, stop slouching”.

Believe it or not, by the age of ten, one out of every 10 children have some sort of back problem. This is largely due to poor posture. If your child has poor posture as they grow, they are likely to have some kind of back pain when they are an adult.

If your child has poor posture, it is very difficult to change that later in life. Not only is it difficult to change, but bad habits have already been established.

Believe it or not, even learning is affected by posture. Studies show that a child with proper posture has better concentration and attention to detail.

What is a good posture for a child?

You can’t expect your child to understand the importance of good posture. Your child won’t even know what good posture means. As a parent, you’ll need to help them build good habits as a child.

When your child is seated, their shoulders should be aligned with their hips. If they are not, then their back will not grow with the proper curvature. Their feet should be flat on the floor as well. Rarely, a child will sit this way.

Watch your child work at a desk or table. Like most children, they’ll lean forward to look at their work. They’ll roll their head downward, and probably hunch their back. None of this is their fault. It’s the furniture that is encouraging them to sit this way. It is the wrong furniture for a growing child?

What is the problem with standard furniture for a child?

A lot of children's’ furniture is a moulded design. These are the chair that is rigid and usually just one piece of plastic or wood. A lot of times, the back of the chair will only be designed to prevent your child from leaning back.
Remember, your child is growing taller every year. As they grow, the chair does not grow with them. At some point, they will need to raise their knees to keep their feet flat on the floor. The more they grow, the worse their posture will become.
An ordinary study desk is also a big problem. As your child grows, they will naturally lean over further to see their work. Not only does this affect their posture, but it can eventually affect their eyesight too.
Having to buy new furniture as your child grows can be expensive. Many parents try and make use of existing furniture for far too long. Buying new furniture each year is not very practical. That’s the big problem with standard furniture. Your child grows, but the furniture doesn’t.

What are the benefits of furniture that can grow with your child?


Well, the simple answer to this is that it is less expensive in the long run. Instead of buying a new desk and chair each year, you buy furniture that can adjust to your child’s growth.

There’s a more important reason to buy furniture that can grow with your child. This type of furniture can be adjusted specifically to their height and to take the load off of their back and spine. As your child grows, the furniture grows with them.

How will ergonomic furniture help your child grow properly?

The whole point of ergonomic furniture is to help your child sit and work properly. The furniture is designed to be naturally comfortable while offering the best possible support for the back. You’ll also love the way it looks and fits into your home decor.

The right study desk and chair will conform to your child’s body, not only now, but as their body changes and grows.

Your child will even grow taller when you make use of ergonomic furniture. When there is less compression on the back and spine, the natural height of a child can be extended by as much as 6cm, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Since an ergonomic chair keeps your child’s feet flat on the floor, the arches of their feet grow properly. You won’t have to worry about your child developing flat feet with fallen arches.

If you think your children won’t like ergonomic furniture, you’re wrong. Children love the look and feel of an ergonomic chair and study desk, and love the way it can be adjusted specifically for them. They like that furniture can let them work in several different ways.

What are the benefits of an ergonomic chair for your child’s growth?

Unlike another chair, an ergonomic chair is fully adjustable for the best possible sitting position. The back of the chair can be set for your child’s best possible posture. When adjusted, your child’s shoulder, neck, and hips will be aligned. Support for the lower back prevents their back from being incorrectly curved. Because the height of the chair is adjustable. Their knees will be at a ninety-degree angle to their hips, and their feet will be flat on the floor. As your child grows taller, the height can be adjusted again.

Another benefit of an ergonomic chair is that your child becomes more aware of their posture. The alignment of the shoulders, neck, and hips becomes a natural feeling. When your child is more aware of their posture, they will stand straighter, and sit properly in other types of chairs at school or elsewhere.


What are the benefits of an ergonomic study desk for your child’s growth?

The best possible posture when sitting and working is to keep the knees at a 90o angle to the hips. With an ergonomic study desk, you can adjust the height of the desk as your child grows. Throughout the growing years, a simple adjustment is the desk’s height maintains the correct alignment. The reason your child usually hunches their back when studying is that they are trying to get closer to the papers or books. An ergonomic study desk brings the work surface to the right height so that there is no need to lean forward.

These study desks tilt! When doing work that requires fine motor skills, the tendency is for your child to get a bit closer to their work. You’ll notice when they are doing drawing or coloring. The tilting functionality allows the work to be at the right distance and avoid the need to get closer to it. Your child won’t want the desk tilted for every task, so they can just tilt it whenever they want. Sitting for a long period is difficult for all of us. The older your child, the more homework they need to get done. Many ergonomic desks can be adjusted so that your child can work while standing. When the height is adjusted correctly, your child’s posture will be perfect.


Making the right decisions to benefit your child’s growth

You probably pay a lot of attention to the toys you buy or the kind of games you want your child to play. You want your child to learn as they grow. You want their childhood to be fun, but you also want to put them on the right path for their future. So, why is ensuring good posture any different?

We know that posture affects your child’s future. Proper posture reduces the likelihood of further health problems and contributes to improved learning abilities. Proper posture helps your child grow in the best way possible.

Standard desks and chairs designed for children do not ensure proper posture. They provide no back support and encourage children to hunch their back and push their neck forward. Worst of all, this furniture is “one size fits all”, and cannot grow with your child.

Obviously, you want your child to grow properly, and protect their health in the future. Proper posture is the absolute key to meeting that goal. Constantly nagging your child about their posture will only make you frustrated and will likely have no impact.

Ergonomic furniture can help protect your child’s growth. Since the furniture grows with your child, you don’t have to worry about buying a new desk and chair every year. The functionality of the furniture ensures that your child will have the best opportunity to grow and to learn. When you purchase ergonomic furniture, you are putting them on the best path for a healthy life.

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