The Right Investment In Your Child’s Future : Introducing Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk

June 24, 2020

The Right Investment In Your Child’s Future : Introducing Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk


Author: Kidchamp Admin

Most of us spend thousands of dollars on home furnishings, everything from designer kitchens to lounges with surround sound and enormous screens. Despite this, we’re happy to plunk an all-purpose table in our child’s bedroom and expect them to use it forever. We care more about comfort when watching television than for our child’s drawing, painting, reading, and writing.

As a parent, you want to give your child the best possible start in life, but when you give them a desk that is neither comfortable nor the right size. The harsh reality is that you are doing the exact opposite. Some parents go so far as to expect their child to do their homework or crafts at a kitchen or dining room table.

Providing the right desk or work table for your child is directly related to their growth, health, and ability to learn. If a desk is not the right size for a child, they will need to hunch their back, roll their head forward, lift their feet off the floor, strain and twists their wrists, or worse yet, squint and strain their eyes.

If a child develops poor posture in the early years, it will likely stay with them for the rest of their life. It can lead to ongoing back pain, poor muscle development, spinal cord compression, and slow cognitive processing.

One of the reasons children give for not wanting to do homework, practice writing, or spend time reading, is that they don't have a place to do it, or if they do, it's not comfortable. Parents end up nagging their children to do these things that ought to be enjoyable and are so essential for their future.

So, what’s the solution? The solution is to invest in a high-quality ergonomic desk that will set your child on the path to correct posture, better health, and an enhanced capacity to learn. Best of all. You don’t have to keep buying furniture as your child grows since the desk will grow right along with them.

There's a lot to consider when selecting an ergonomic desk for your child. You need one that is sturdy, height-adjustable, able to tilt, and easy to clean, and stylish enough to match your home decor. Not every ergonomic desk fits this bill, but the Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk ticks all the boxes.


Quality and durability

You’ll want a desk that is built to last and is sturdy enough to handle any kind of work or play activity.

The Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk has a solid wood core which makes it exceptionally strong. Steel legs offer a high degree of sturdiness so that the desk doesn't shift at all.

Keep your study desk level even when the surface isn’t

Uneven floors? Fret not, no need to slip pieces of cardboards or papers at the bottom to make it even. We have fitted 4 adjustable levelers at the bottom of the steel table legs, just rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise at any of levelers to make it level with the ground.


Multipurpose and easy to clean surface

The Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk’s surface can be drawn or written on with a water-based marker. This means that young children can have fun creating drawings or practicing numbers and letters.

Cleaning the surface is as easy as grabbing a damp cloth. There’s no need to use expensive cleaners or to spend hours scrubbing. With proper care, the desk will look as new as the day you bought it.

Precision height adjustment

One of the benefits of an ergonomic desk is that the height can be adjusted. This ensures that the desk is always in the right position as your child grows. The desk needs to be adjusted so that your child’s forearms can remain flat on the surface and at a ninety-degree angle to their shoulders.

The Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk’s height adjustment mechanism is designed to facilitate even the smallest change in height. This allows you to set the desk so that the work surface is at the precise position for good posture and comfortable distance.

Adjusting the height of the desk is easy. There’s a simple crank handle that can be inserted into both left or right side of the table. This is handy so that you don’t have to worry about the placement of the desk. It doesn’t matter if it is left or right side that is against the wall, this design feature makes it flexible and enable you to buy with a piece of mind. To keep your child from playing with the crank handle, all you need to do is remove it after adjusting the height and close the hole with the given black rubber stopper.

Zero to fifty-degrees tilting

Probably, you've noticed that your child needs to get closer to the desk surface when their drawing or doing some other sort of fine-motor tasks. They'll hunch their backs and roll their head forward to get closer to the work.

The Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk can be tilted to bring the work closer. This helps to avoid eye strain and keep the spine as straight as possible. The work surface can be tilted from zero to fifty degrees keeping the work at exactly the right distance no matter what the activity.


Plenty of storage & side hook for school bag

It’s very common for a child to stop doing their work if they have to leave their desk to find something. The interruption causes them to lose focus and lessens their creativity.

There's a handy drawer underneath the desk which is the perfect place to keep the pens, markers, and paper. When you need something, it's right there. There’s even a hook on the side of the desk to hold a school bag

Sturdy reading rack

Some schoolbooks are heavy and oversized. It is difficult to hold them without having to twist the wrist and lift the arms off the desk. Working with books like these makes it much harder to maintain good posture and keep the material at the right distance.

The Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk comes with a sturdy reading rack. The rack can easily hold a book, magazine, or other reference material while working. The rack makes it easy for your child to keep the material at the optimal reading distance and to work for a longer period.

Customizable settings

Depending on the user’s usage, Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk is very customizable. You can choose not to install the shelves and use just the table, leaving the unassembled pieces in the flat packed carton box in storeroom. Assemble and install it when you are ready. Need space for a monitor? Our ergonomic desk are thoughtfully designed such that you can also choose not to install the 2 parts so as to have space to accommodate a monitor. There’s many more which you can explore with our desk.


Protecting your child’s future

There are a ton of ergonomic desks on the market, but not that many for kids, and certainly none as stylish and sturdy as this one. The surface is clean, the height mechanism is precise, there’s plenty of storage, and the zero to fifty degrees tilting is perfect.

Children grow quickly and their attitudes toward learning are established at a very young age. Having the right work desk has been shown to hasten a child's ability to both read and write and to prolong their focus on a single task. Children who have the proper desk or work table are less hyperactive, have stronger core strength, and are less likely to experience back pain later in life.

Parenting can be difficult at the best of times, but every decision we make as a parent has a tremendous influence on our child’s future. Helping them to develop good study habits, proper posture, less strain while working, all contribute to positive growth and better cognitive development. We invest a great deal in our child’s future from quality toys to schooling because we know how important those things are, but for some reason, we overlook where they do their reading, writing, drawing, and painting.

If you’re serious about giving your child the best start you can for learning and developing the right posture, then the Kidchamp MagiCube ErgoDesk is absolutely the best investment you can make. Not only does the desk give your child a place to call their own, but it also set them on the right path to good health and success.


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