Fun Indoor Activities for Your Kids

July 13, 2021

Fun Indoor Activities for Your Kids

In the span of a month, Singapore has managed to gain control of COVID-19 infection numbers in the country and get as many individuals vaccinated in the shortest time possible. Unfortunately, no vaccines are approved for use on individuals below the age of 16, which means that our children will still be at risk of contracting COVID-19 even when most adults are vaccinated. 

Without a vaccine, the best option is to mask up or stay indoors as much as possible, with limited social interactions. Keep your kids entertained within the compounds of your home with our list of fun indoor activities!

1. Have a Cook-Off

From measuring a cup of water to whisking the pancake mix and kneading dough, all skills involved in preparing meals can help your kids to develop better cognitive and motor skills. Through the process of cooking, children can learn more about the nutritional value of home-cooked meals from a young age, allowing them to cultivate a healthy relationship with food in the long term. 

Cooking with your children also gives them a chance to appreciate the effort you put in with every meal you prepare for them. It helps to instil valuable lessons to the young ones about appreciating food, the scarcity of food and to avoid wasting food, especially when it is cooked by a loved one. 

Other than imparting useful nutritional information and life values, take this opportunity to have a parent-child bonding session while cooking up a storm in the kitchen and then having the most satisfying meal together after. 

2. Redecorate Their Rooms 

Instead of nagging at your kids, asking them to clean their rooms, why not let them redecorate their rooms instead? Not only will they clean their room in the process of redecorating, but they will also try their best to maintain their newly spruced up room for as long as possible. Did we mention that this method kills two birds with one stone?

Another advantage of allowing kids to redecorate their rooms is that you can take the opportunity to designate a quiet space or corner as a study station for future home-based learning classes. 

Once you find a corner to set up a workstation for your kid, furnish it with the kids’ furniture that is appropriate for their size and age. Here at Kidchamp, we have a wide variety of ergonomic kids furniture specially designed to adapt to your child’s heights as they grow taller through the years. Visit our website to view the Kidchamp Magicube ergonomic table for their study station today. 

3. Workout Together

Working out together with your kids is more than just a healthy habit - it works great as a fun bonding activity that works indoors as well. 

Working out with the young ones at home shouldn’t be a major challenge, as long as you have ample space for them to move freely. You can start by teaching them simple exercises such as mountain climbers, frog jumps, star jumps, Buddha claps before increasing the intensity and difficulty of each exercise.

If you run out of workout ideas, simply pick a fun dance workout video on YouTube and work out those muscles while battling it out over a dance battle. The goal is to let your children recognise the benefits of having a physically fit and healthy body as they grow. 

Stay Safe With Indoor Activities

There are endless ways to keep your kids entertained and fully occupied during the weekends when there are no classes. 

As we anticipate the easing of COVID-19 measures in the near future as more individuals in Singapore get vaccinated, let’s work together to keep our children safe and happy with plenty of fun and engaging activities at home. 

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