Creating a Great Study Space: Study Table Essentials

February 23, 2021

Creating a Great Study Space: Study Table Essentials

Home-based learning was implemented in the first half of 2020 for most students in Singapore when Covid-19 cases were soaring, almost at the same time as offices were made to close and employees had to work-from-home. Parents scrambled to IKEA Singapore to get study tables and study chairs, forming a snaking queue outside the Swedish furniture giant during Circuit Breaker. 

Now that the kids have returned to school for lessons, how can parents continue to ensure that their children have everything they need at their study station for maximum productivity? Keep reading for find out ways you can set up an efficient study space for your kid.

1. Good Lighting

Having suitable and good lighting is highly important while studying as light can affect an individual’s mood and concentration in both positive and negative ways. When it comes to purchasing study table lamps, the type of bulb is of utmost importance. Lights in a study area should mimic natural light as much as possible, this means that the bulb cannot be too dim. Its saturation should be in the range between natural daylight and cool white (4000K to 6500K). Studying with lights at this level of brightness will allow you to feel more awake and ready to take in information. 

Other than ensuring productivity, proper lighting can also protect your child’s eyes from damage as studying under dim light can cause myopia. 

2. Comfortable Seating

Having the right study chair means a world of difference when it comes sitting at the study desk for hours on end. As adults, we know the pain of sitting on an uncomfortable chairs for long hours. Let’s not subject our young kids to that pain. 

Choosing the wrong chair can lead to poor sitting posture, which can negatively affect your child’s spinal health. Kidchamp’s Ergonomic kids study chair, the Kidchamp Cres 2.0, is perfect in this case as it has a dual backrest design which follows the natural curvature of the spine and reduce pressure on the spine. It is also height adjustable and made to be suitable for your kid’s height as they grow taller over the years. 

3. Functional Study Desk

Study desks might look similar, but having a functional study desk can actually help to streamline your child’s revision routine and prevent them from having to leave their study station more often than they need to, which causes them to lose concentration. 

Before purchasing a study table, be sure to have the answers to these questions:

  • Does your child need storage space? 
  • Will they be using their electronic devices on the same table?
  • How old is your child? 

Ergonomic study desks are highly suitable for children’s study stations as ergonomic study desks are height-adjustable and can allow you to get the most mileage out of a piece of furniture since it will last them until young-adulthood. Give Kidchamp’s MagiCube Desk a shot - with built in storage space, tiltable table top and adjustable height settings, your child will be able to power through revision sessions comfortably. 

Build a Functional Work Station With Kidchamp

A functional study area is highly essential for your child as it will add structure to their days and weeks while they are still schooling, It can help build discipline by establishing a reliable routine or spot for studying while minimising background distractions. Take a look at Kidchamp’s online catalogue today to find the best accessories and furniture for your kid’s study station.

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