Choose the Perfect Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Today!

December 21, 2020

Choose the Perfect Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Today!

As adults who work daily at an office table, we know too well the pain of backaches and a sore neck. With “Work From Home” becoming the new norm, it is no doubt more working adults have made the choice to purchase in a high quality ergonomic work chair and desk for their home office to make working from home more comfortable.

What about our children?

Us adults already have a hard time staying focused at our work desk for more than a few hours straight without feeling strain on our backs, our kids won’t do much better with their short attention span and active bodies. This is why children, like adults, should also have their own dedicated study station furnished with an ergonomic chair and table to help them maximise productivity.

Do Your Children Really Need Ergonomic Chairs?

Well, the short answer is yes. Ergonomic furniture are designed for work, with health in mind. Sitting on a high-quality ergonomic chair can reduce pressure on the spine, which reduces unnecessary fidgeting and improves concentration. Studying sessions will be less disrupted since your child feels comfortable on his or her chair, and thus increasing productivity. This is especially useful for students as a comfortable chair can definitely go a long way when it comes to prolonged concentration while studying. Furthermore, since your child will spend most of his or her time studying during their adolescent years, it is only proper that they have a comfortable chair and suitable table for revisions.

Ergonomic chairs and tables are also perfect for growing children as it encourages better sitting posture, which is extremely beneficial for a growing spine. Neglected spinal health can result in irreversible consequences like Idiopathic Scoliosis (a type of scoliosis that causes the spine to develop an abnormal curve), which is a spinal condition that occurs mostly during puberty.

Get Your Ergonomic Solutions at Kidchamp

Sold on the idea of purchasing ergonomic furniture for your kids? Find quality study chairs and tables for them now on Kidchamp’s online store. Here at Kidchamp, we care deeply for every child’s health and are dedicated to providing parents with the option of purchasing ergonomic furniture for their kids at reasonable prices.

The Kidchamp Magicube

Ergonomic furniture can range from chairs, tables, computer mouse and even keyboards. Just to get started, you can give the Kidchamp Magicube, our ergonomic study desk specially designed for children, a shot. The Kidchamp Magicube features a fully adjustable function, which makes this a great investment as the desk will be continue to be functional for your growing child in years to come. The tiltable drawing desk top is perfect for drawing, reading and writing, with different angles available for different activities. The table also comes with plenty of storage space for your child to keep their books, files and stationaries neatly without taking up any of the tabletop space meant for studying.

The Kidchamp Cres

With dual backrest design and saddle shaped seat, the Kidchamp Cres will be the most comfortable choice of study chair for your child to settle in and complete their daily homework. The saddle-shaped seat helps relieve pressure off the spine and offers your child the ultimate sitting experience. Similar to the Kidchamp Magicube, our children’s chair also features a fully adjustable function, allowing you to adjust the height of the chair as your child grows taller.

Like what you see? Get the Kidchamp Magicube Bundle to get both the chair and the table as a full set! Complementary accessories such as LED study lamps and printed seat covers are also available on our website.

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