Are Ergonomic Study Chairs Dangerous for Your Children?

May 20, 2021

Are Ergonomic Study Chairs Dangerous for Your Children?

Ergonomic chairs have risen in popularity in recent years and especially so since the pandemic started since most people began to work from home and spent a lot more time work at their desks at home.  

If you have invested in an ergonomic chair or table for yourself, what is stopping you from getting one for your child too? After all, it is important to enforce good sitting posture from a young age to avoid spinal problems in future. 

To understand the importance of buying the right furniture for our children, parents have to understand firstly that infants are born without a lumbar curve. The lumbar curve develops as they progress towards puberty. Since children’s spines evolve and differ from an adult’s spine in every way, it is simply not safe to allow them to use adult furniture. Your children will need ergonomic chairs or tables designed for their size, interests, and physical limitations. 

The basic distinguishing factor between children-size and adult-size ergonomic furniture is that the former should be adjustable. Our children’s bones are growing at a rapid speed right before and during puberty, you will need a highly adjustable kid chair to accommodate their vulnerable growth plates. 

Kidchamp is devoted to providing you with comfortable and highly adjustable ergonomic chairs for the optimum growth and development of your child as we value your children’s spinal health just like you do.

2. Is an Ergonomic Desk Really Necessary for Kids?

Thanks to the art of ergonomics, we can now work while standing at an optimal posture. The benefits of standing desks are gaining much attention with working adults and some might even consider one for their kids.

The two main categories of ergonomic tables are the fixed height standing desks and the sit-stand desks. The latter can be adjusted to either sitting or standing height and can offer great health benefits compared to normal tables.

The use of ergonomic tables minimises a child’s natural inclination to lean forward when drawing studying. An ergonomic table is an unconscious means of maintaining proper spine health. Angled tables also allow better positioning of the arms and hands for certain tasks that require fine motor skills. 

Kidchamp is a premium manufacturer of ergonomic study tables. Our ergonomic kids’ desk is beautifully designed, comes in two colours and are fitted with convenient and safety features to facilitate a robust sitting experience for your child.

3. What is Considered a Safe Chair for Children?

An ideal study chair for your child should be one with comfortable foam padding with seat adjustment to prevent any complaints of aches and pains at their backs. Growth plates are the weakest link in growing skeletons, representing 15% of childhood fractures, which is why good furniture should help to prevent any injury to their vulnerable growth plates. 

Since damage to a child’s joints usually occurs at the growth plates and will affect future bone growth, a good ergonomic chair is not a luxury but an essential product that protects your child’s growth and development. 

For additional safety, you should also ensure that your kid’s furniture has rounded edges to avoid any serious accidents if they happen to trip and fall in the room. 

Find High-Quality Ergonomic Furniture for Your Children at Kidchamp Today

As the leading designers and manufacturers of ergonomic kids furniture, we continuously focus on providing fully tested, high-quality products to our customers. 

Not only do we believe in the benefits of owning ergonomic furniture, we are also dedicated to catering the best products in regards to emerging trends.

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